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Viewing topic "Load audio track to use PLG100 VH effect-Motif es8"

Posted on: November 17, 2017 @ 12:28 PM
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Joined  02-11-2005
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Hello Friends,

I have had my es8 for over a decade.  I originally purchased the instrument for my music director (I do a solo show).  Now I’m working with the latest version of Logic X.  I’m a late bloomer and now I want to KNOW IT ALL for me. 

So, I’ve looked over documentation, behind the manual, Commanding your Motif books and haven’t quite found out how to load an audio file.  Specifically, pre recorded audio, i.e. voice file that could be a few minutes long. I know it’s not a VOICE that I want to load (like a drum or single note sample) and one of the docs I read made me think I need to load it as a Waveform then edit?  I understand that it needs to be WAV or AIFF.  I’m also looking at converter software: ( so that it could just be uploaded as a motif file, but am not clear that I can load a say...3 minute long file that I can then play around with.  I’m learning how the PLG100 VH works and I find the vocoder to be superior to anything I can [easliy] do in Logic. It’s pretty awesome.  I’m interested in possibly doing some fun stuff with political speeches (video) and so forth.  It says in the documentation that the VH is primarily for live/mic sound, but also says it can be used on PARTS. do I make an external audio file a PART on the es?  The file will be its own track/PART

Sorry if it’s been addressed.  I have honestly spent some time looking for an answer.

Mac, latest OS, iMac Late 2012, etc.

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