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Viewing topic "Loading XS All files to other XS or XF"

Posted on: November 08, 2017 @ 10:08 AM
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Joined  06-07-2012
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I have an XS and will have to do a backline rental.  I want to know what potential problems I might run into if loading my XS All file into another XS or XF.  I have read there may be some memory issues if the file size is too large.  Are there any other potential problems (assuming the USB slot works)?


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Posted on: November 09, 2017 @ 04:54 AM
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Joined  09-16-2010
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Yes, one concern is whether the rental unit has SDRAM/DIMMs (XS) or flash module(s) (XF) of sufficient memory capacity installed, since those things are optional.

Another possible concern is whether the rental unit’s firmware (OS) has been updated to the level of your own XS. Hopefully your XS has already been updated to the most recent, version 1.60. Ask the backline company which OS is installed on the XS they’ll provide. (XF OS version numbers don’t correlate with those of the XS - the most recent OS for the XF is version 1.50.)

With the XF, 128MB of SDRAM User memory is standard, and it has slots for two flash modules, with possible capacity each of 512MB, 1024MB/1GB, or 2048MB/2GB. If an XF has one or more flash modules, and your “All” (.X0A) file is larger than 128MB, make sure at least one of the modules is as large as your file. Furthermore, be aware that loading flash modules takes a lot longer than with SDRAM. If you’re going to be loading samples to flash, make sure the module has been freshly formatted by the backline company - you don’t want to have to start deleting/formatting the module just to load your own material.

If you’ve never loaded a file to an XF, you might want to learn how to do it beforehand. Or just ask for an updated XS with sufficient memory - since there are some minor operational differences between the XS and XF, you might not want to risk running into one of them while performing.

Good luck on your gig.

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