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Viewing topic "Recording ARP Switches Using Cubase Chord Track and Motif XS VST"

Posted on: October 23, 2017 @ 07:21 AM
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Joined  06-27-2010
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Hello!  I am using a Motif XS8 with Cubase 8.5 on Windows 10.

I have created a chord track in Cubase and my Motif VST MIDI Track 1 (12 string guitar voice) is following that track properly.  I have successfully turned on the ARP function for the track, and I have selected 5 different arpeggios that I’d like to use.

Now my question is, can I record the ARP switches onto that MIDI track so I don’t have to do it manually when I finally render the track?  In other words, I want to use ARP1 for the first verse, ARP2 for the chorus, ARP3 for a fill, etc.  I tried recording the track and just clicking the different ARPs as it played (clicking in the VST virtual representation of the Motif XS8 on the screen, which changes the ARP as the song is playing).  I didn’t see any MIDI data recorded on the track, and indeed the ARP switches were not recorded.

Sorry if this is an easy question.  After doing a good faith 30 minute search for the solution in the forums and both the Cubase and Motif manuals, I came up empty.  I look forward to any help!


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