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Viewing topic "Help needed for sustain pedal advice for my Motif ES7"

Posted on: October 19, 2017 @ 07:29 AM
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Hi guys

My Yamaha FC4 pedal is broken
Id much prefer to buy and use a Roland DP10 pedal now, I prefer it (personally)
it has a pull out tongue underneath so the pedal doesn’t move, which I love lol!

Does anyone know if this Roland pedal will 100% work with my Motif ES?
I can’t test it before I buy it over here in the U.K.

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Posted on: October 19, 2017 @ 07:37 AM
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I use a Roland and a Motif ES as part of my stage rig.  I’ve plugged a Roland sustain pedal into the Motif accidentally on occasion and it worked, but opposite of the Yamaha pedal.  The Motif will sustain with the pedal plugged in and when you depress the pedal the sustain is deactivated.  I am not familiar with the DP10 pedal, however if it has a polarity switch, I would assume that it will work with the ES.

Suggestion, go to the nearest music store and try it out. 

Hope this helps,


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Posted on: October 19, 2017 @ 08:56 AM
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I would highly recommend selecting a pedal with a polarity switch.  The stated fix for addressing a pedal which is working backwards like this is to depress the pedal and turn the machine off, then release the pedal and turn it back on.  I found that only worked on my Motif briefly, then if I changed voice or something it would not work well.  I purchased a generic pedal with a polarity switch and never had the problem again.

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