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Viewing topic "Can’t get recorded sample to audition or play???"

Posted on: October 10, 2017 @ 09:44 AM
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Joined  08-30-2011
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Had no trouble recording a sample (solo voice) into a track yesterday.  Today, can’t make it happen.  I have gone though step by step the set up of a compressor and then using “integrated sampling” in song mode to be sure I haven’t left some step out following one of the instruction sets on this web sight.  As I make the recording, the pattern of my voice voice waveform appears.  I then push enter to save the recorded sample but “audition” does not play any sound.  Also, playing the song makes no sound.  I can do this in a previously recorded song that has a voice recording and it plays the voice recording of the song but not the new one.  I have spent hours redoing each step multiple times and nothing seems actually to be recorded.  I have made sure the A/D channel is checked as well as a check for the track I am recording. Often, when I go back to look, it is then unchecked.  Does this indicate what I have been doing wrong.  Is there some common mistake that prevents people from making sample recordings in song to go along with midi accompanying music?  I have made these recordings for years and have never experienced this problem.

Steve Zuehlke

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