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Viewing topic "Yamaha Doesn’t Make Life Easy"

Posted on: September 29, 2017 @ 10:30 AM
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Joined  11-08-2007
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Yeah, this is going to be a rant...but I have to get this out there.  I’ve been getting good help from several users on converting XS files for use in MOXF.  The solution lies is having to use 3rd party software from John Melas, because Yamaha’s editors won’t work with one another in a way you’d think logical.  And therein lies my rant.

With the XS, XF and the MOXF editors, you can only save in X0E, X3E, X6E formats respectively.  With the XS and XF editors, you can import X0V, X0A, X0E etc.  With the MOXF editor, you can ONLY import X6E (editor files) to the editor...nothing else..even though the MOXF itself can import XF files (X3V, X3A etc.) However, the MOXF can NOT iread X6E (editor files) to the keyboard off, say, a jump drive like you can with the the XS and XF, which can read their respective editor files.  If this all sounds convoluted, its because IT IS!!!  Why on earth would Yamaha not spend a modicum of time making it so you can not only import all formats to the various editors, but SAVE in those formats as well, so they can be more easily used between keyboards? 
Why does the MOXF editor not even allow import or opening of anything other than the MOXF editor format (X6E)? 

The situation is that the ES, XS, XF and now the MOXF share similar and even identical waveforms and voices in the factory presets.  So if you’ve created unique original patches using the factory waveforms, Yamaha provides NO conversion software, nor compatibility between software files to make it easy to import your, say, XS voices to MOXF.  Instead, you’ve got to spend more money on 3rd party software, and then go through a multi-step process to do it.  Sorry, Yamaha, but that is just inexcusable! 

How hard would it have been to allow saving something in, say, the XS editor, that could be imported the MOXF editor and then put into the MOXF to be used?  That does not require massive amounts of additional programming. 

And, to have all the additional features on the keyboards (ie, performance and Master modes) with NO software librarian support from Yamaha is mind boggling to me.  They added the Song and Pattern modes, why not performance and master?  Again, you have to rely on 3rd party software to do it. 

It is frustrating as heck to be thwarted in trying to do something this basic and simple because Yamaha couldn’t be bothered to make it easy! 

Sorry, Yamaha, but this one’s one YOU! [/rant]

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