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Viewing topic "recording outside guitar, vox - DIMM"

Posted on: August 14, 2017 @ 09:33 PM
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Im pretty sure the Motif ES can record an outside guitar and vox tracks to incorporate into the song sequencer. Does ES call ALL audio recordings “sampling”?

Just confused about DIMM requirment to save wav files of guitar,vox, etc

Also, is it possible to import a wav file sample via USB into the ES and then save it into the memory bank? Kinda confused about smart memory card option and low unit RAM

PS ill only be using the ES workstation to mix n master final stereo file. How does final mix sound when incorporating real guitar and vocals into 16 track sequencer and using it with ES preset sounds?


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Posted on: August 15, 2017 @ 12:02 PM
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I’ve done this. Yes, you just sample the external audio.

You cannot store samples unless you have DIMMs installed...there is no built-in RAM like on the Motif Classic and XF. I had 512Mb of RAM in my ES, that was enough for just over 50 minutes total of stereo audio, just over 100 minutes of mono audio.

The Integrated Sampling feature lets you record in synchronization with the sequencer. It’s not the same as using an audio recorder. Most importantly if you fast forward past the start of any of the samples, you will hear nothing. Unlike an audio recorder the sample playback must always start at the beginning. You can however do punch in recording as the sequencer is playing. The insert effects can be applied to the input signal while recording. Samples must be backed up to Smart Media or USB storage as they are erased once power is turned off. The way to do this is either save an All, All Songs or All Patterns file. Any samples used in the songs and patterns get saved automatically.

You can load samples recorded elsewhere but to be in synch with the sequencer you really need to record them on the ES. Even sampled drum loops go out of time after multiple bars. I would aways retrigger them to keep them in synch. If the loop was four bars, I would trigger it every four bars and it would be rock solid.

For stereo recording, 64MB is the largest single sample you can make. That is a time of 6:20. You can also record mono samples up to 32Mb, also 6:20 in length. You can have a song longer than 6:20 but you can’t record a single take of any part longer than that.

Here’s a track I did over a decade ago, the guitar and bass were recorded into the sampler. Drums were sample loops, the sound FX at the start were sampled from a software synth and the EP and string synth sounds are the ES itself.

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Posted on: September 02, 2017 @ 11:07 AM
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Thanks a bunch MBF!

I also tried to do a basic SONG MODE recording but every time I try to
choose various voices from CAT SEARCH, it plays some weird synth arpegios even though it shows the actual voice I selected.

Do I need to do somekind of STORE/EDIT/JOB after I choose a SONG #?

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