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Viewing topic "Phat Analog III from Easysounds"

Posted on: July 30, 2017 @ 08:52 AM
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Joined  01-25-2005
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A new third library in the Phat Analog series with samples from the Roland Juno 60

From email sent by Easysounds today:

Brandnew Soundlibrary “Phat Analog III”

- Sample-based Juno 60 Emulation for MONTAGE / MOTIF XF / MOTIF XS / MOXF

After a production time of several months, we are now publishing the third product of the highly successful Phat Analog series. “Phat Analog III” contains exclusively samples and sounds from the legendary Roland Synthesizer Juno 60 - with an authenticity that is not expected from a Digital Hardware Synthesizer.

The Juno 60 and the successor model Juno 106 were among the most popular polyphonic synthesizers of the 80s and have played a major role in the Synthpop sound of this epoch.

After concentrating mainly to MOBTAGE this is our first MOTIF / MOXF soundset since three years!

The soundlibrary “Phat Analog III” is the first MONTAGE / MOTIF XS/XF / MOXF Hybrid product. That means that when you buy one version, you will get free access to all available versions. For example, if you are considering the purchase of the MONTAGE as a MOTIF or MOXF user in the near future, you can download the MONTAGE version at no extra cost already now.

Price for all versions: 42,00 EUR

Until the 20. 8. you can buy the new sound library within the scope of our “Summer Sale 2017” with a discount of 20%.

More Infos + Demos:


Nice to see a new Motif voice library.

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