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Viewing topic "S70xs to MX88 Questions?"

Posted on: July 05, 2017 @ 11:39 AM
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Joined  11-13-2003
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Hey Everyone,

I’m considering moving from my old S70XS to the new MX88. There are two things that I really like on my S70XS that I would miss if they weren’t available on the MX88 and one thing that could be a welcomed addition.

1) I would miss the ability to create more that one split point. From what I’ve read there is a third party app that allows this.  My question would be if, after creating say a 3 split keyboard, could I save this as a User Performance so that I could use it live without having a laptop at the gig?

2) I would miss the ability to quickly move from one performance to the next. On the S70 it’s only a matter of a one or two button push to call up saved performances.  (i.e. “A-10” gets me to one performance in a two button push. Changing from there to “A-7” only requires pushing the “7”.  This is important for me since I would be using the MX88 for live performance 99% of the time.  From what I’ve seen, on the MX88 you’d have to use the wheel to recall User Performances.  Is this correct? 

3) Lastly, I posted something awhile back regarding sweaty hands sticking to the keys on my S70XS. Most of my gigs are summer festivals when temps are up over 80 degrees.  I’ve read on line that the black keytops on the MX88 have some kind of matte finish that helps absorb moisture.  Anyone have thoughts on or experience with this?

Thoughts anyone?


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