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Viewing topic "Vocoder"

Posted on: July 01, 2017 @ 01:04 PM
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Joined  02-19-2014
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I have a song I’m working on and want to add a vocoder track in Cubase 8. What is the best way to add it? I set up a mono track, but I’m not getting a signal to record.  Do I have to change the MOX8 settings to record?

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Posted on: July 01, 2017 @ 05:32 PM
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Joined  07-01-2013
status: Guru

I’m not sure if you’ve read this…

If I were you, I’d use a stereo audio track and don’t forget that VOICE audio defaults to USB audio outputs 3 and 4 on the MOX8.

So, If your mono audio track in Cubase 8 is set up with an input of 1 or 2 then that’s likely why you aren’t getting a signal.

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