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Viewing topic "Routing Outputs as a VSTi"

Posted on: April 18, 2017 @ 12:47 PM
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I am trying to understand how my MOX is routing audiosignals but got somehow confused. Here is what I am doing:

I am using the Native Instruments Maschine Software as my DAW to trigger sounds in my MOX. For that matter I configured the Maschine in a way that allows me to send MIDI to the MOX and receive audio from it via channels 3/4. When I record MIDI in Maschine it plays back the sounds from my MOX as it is supposed to. I am using the editor VST to browse sounds and save my settings. My problem now is that when I want a second sound to be played back from Maschine I just can not get the MOX to play it alone. It always plays back the first one as well.
I am aware that the MOX only has got two USB channels to send audio. So I assigned channels 1/2 to the second sound and configured it that way in Maschine, too. But somehow it does not matter what USB channel is used, the MOX always plays back the first sound, too. So if I for example loaded a Piano in the first MIDI channel via editor VST and a bass in the second channel and then chose the second channel to play the bass I always get a layered bass/ piano sound whereas when I choose channel 1 it plays the piano alone. How do I get the MOX to play the second sound alone without layering it?

Thanks for helping

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Posted on: April 18, 2017 @ 04:20 PM
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Hi Ben,

Firstly, I don’t use Maschine so I can’t help you test anything, but I’ve got a few observations which may or may not be helpful.


Is your MIDI Local control set to OFF?

Press the [UTILITY] button.
Press button [F6] for “MIDI”.
Press the [SF6] button for “SWITCH”.
Using the cursor buttons select the “LocalCtrl” parameter and press the [DEC] button to it turn off.

I’m curious as to why you appear to be using Maschine, presumably as a standalone app instead of using it as a plugin inside a more typical DAW. That theory is because you haven’t said you use Cubase, or Logic or the other well used DAWs?

So, I wonder what would happen if you did?

I also wonder, presuming that you ARE using maschine as a standalone, if it is a truly compatible host for your MOX?

As far as the MOX USB audio routing goes, you can treat it as having two stereo USB audio outputs or four mono.  You can use it as four mono outputs by hard panning four voices at the same time:

For example:

Piano ----> 1 & 2 ----> Hard Left = 1
Bass ----> 1 & 2 ----> Hard Right = 2
Guitar ----> 3 & 4 ----> Hard Left = 3
Drums ----> 3 & 4 ----> Hard Right = 4

I’d also be interested to hear:

How you are cabling everything, audio outs to amps etc?

If you are using the DAW level slider?

As much detail as you can give will help clue us in a bit better.


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Posted on: April 20, 2017 @ 12:00 AM
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Hey philwoodmusic,

thanks for your reply. First of all, I do use Cubase as well. But using Maschine as standalone has got benefits in terms of workflow and hardware-software-integration. When used as a VSTi you lose a lot of the flexibility and the hardware control functions. Besides you have to work in a very small window. Maschine has its downsides when it comes to arranging and mixing. But for some basic productions it does the job pretty well (and is a lot of fun).

I took up some of your questions/ suggestions from above and played around a bit. I think I now have a setup that works but I still have some more general questions left. What I did may be relevant for other users as well so I here is my setup:

I use the MOX in PATTERN mode and apply the STANDALONE quick setup (all other quick setups didn’t work, I don’t really understand why).
In the Maschine preferences I assigned four mono audio channels to the four USB audio outs of the MOX. I then panned the parts of the MOX as you explained in your post. When I now tell one sound in Maschine to receive audio from channel one for example then it gets the right signal from the MOX. Additionally I tell the Maschine sound to send MIDI to the MOX and assign the MIDI channel of this sound to the corresponding part of the MOX (maybe here was a problem in my previous setup). That way I can record MIDI in Maschine wich is used to play the Instruments of the MOX and then mix the audio in Maschine.

But what I don’t understand is how to switch between parts when using the editor VST? I am clicking in the editor window but nothing happens I only hear the part that is activated by default. When I turn local control on I can switch between parts on the hardware. This does not affect my setup but how do I do it within the editor? Second thing I wanted to ask is if there is a possibility to save a template for my editor VST or to change the default boot setting for it so that I don’t have to do all my settings every time I start the editor.


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Posted on: April 20, 2017 @ 02:44 PM
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Joined  07-01-2013
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Even if you don’t know why other quick set ups don’t work yet, Standalone is the wrong quick set up for what you’re trying to do.

You should look at QUICK SETUP 5 (VST Rec) for recording MIDI data using the VST Editor, and then QUICK SETUP 1 (DAW Rec) for recording audio.

When was the last time you did a factory reset on your MOX? (make sure to back up using an ALL file so that you don’t lose anything, first.)

You might also want to look at this article:

In particular, the part about setting up your MOX

Setup your MOX6/MOX8

Press [F5] USB I/O
Select the OUTPUT CHANNEL mode you want to use; “2CH” or “4CH”


You would select this option when, for example, you want to record all connected devices as a single stereo audio track. Both the A/D INPUT and the internal MOX tone engine are routed to the single stereo output bus. If you play and sing and want to document everything as a ‘live’ recording. If you connect the band’s mixer to the A/D INPUTS you can record both the band and your performance on the MOX as a single stereo file into your DAW.

You would select this option when, for example, you want to record certain PARTS discreetly. There are now two stereo buses available, you can route the A/D INPUT to USB 1/2 while the internal PARTS are heard through USB 3/4. This 4 Channel allows for dual stereo feeds from the MOX to your computer. How you use this will depend on what you want to accomplish.

If your computer is incapable of processing “4CH” of audio simultaneously, you can opt to use the “2CH” setting as this requires less CPU resources. Once you select an OUTPUT CHANNEL Mode, if you needed to make a change you will need to press [ENTER] and to reboot for the setting to take place. Once you have, this setting will remain until you change it (press ENTER and REBOOT).

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