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Viewing topic "Song/mixing mode ARP help"

Posted on: January 28, 2017 @ 10:07 AM
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Joined  01-01-2016
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I am working in song/mixing mode and I have 2 different voices on one track to create a split. On the lower keys I have a wurly and the upper I have a synth string voice. I edited the synth string and added an arp to have the ability to hold a single sustained note. I only added the strings on the upper keyboard to get that ONE sustained note, while being able to continually play with the lower keys with the wurly voice.  Its not working out!  I strike the key to start the sustained synth string note and its great until I start playing the lower keys.  This is possible correct? What am I missing?

Any help is much appreciated!!

UPDATE- I needed to change the output channel in the ARP edit to the channel my split was on. This worked!!!

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