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Viewing topic "‘Play effect’ ‘quantise strength’ doesn’t quantise for the first quarter bar of a pattern."

Posted on: December 15, 2016 @ 04:42 PM
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When I play a drum pattern into a pattern and then quantise using the ‘play effect’ quantise strength, which as we know is a real time non destructive process, IOW the original timing is always kept in the track, when the loop or pattern to be exact returns to the beginning, the timing is unquantised for the first (I am guessing) quarter bar.

So I have played in a basic 8th note hi hat groove with rimshot/sidestick on the typical 2 and 4. Then I set the ‘quantise’ to an 8th note value with ‘quantise strength’ set to 100% which is it’s default anyway.

And every time the 4 bar pattern returns to the beginning the timing is way off. This must be because I played it in fairly sloppily.
Before you reply saying maybe my playing is so sloppy that it has quantised to the wrong note place, I have played in 8th notes and quantise to 8th notes. If I play the notes more accurately the unquantised first quarter bar is much less noticeable because I have played more accurately.

My assertion from observing so far is that the Motif XF7 doesn’t quantise for the first quarter bar when using the play effect ‘quantise strength’ after it loops back to the beginning of the bar.
The notes after the first quarter bar are then perfectly timed/quantised.

If I ‘normalise play effect’ in the edit job menu, then the problem is solved.

From this behaviour, I hypothesise that the Motif XF7 cannot quantise live/non destructively for the first quarter bar of a pattern because it is a live process and it’s brain isn’t keeping up.

Once you ‘write’ the timing into the track by normalising it, the problem goes away.

I also hypothesise that chaining patterns together and creating a linear song from the pattern chain would also effectively solve the problem except for the first quarter bar because the XF doesn’t have to ‘think’ at the start of every pattern and is no longer looping but playing a linear sequence.

Kind of sucks to find this faulty behaviour because it is such a fundamental tool for what I use the XF for.
It makes making beats/sequencing a real pain instead of having the use of non destructive ‘quantise strength’.

I searched the forum and couldn’t find any threads with the search criteria ‘quantise strength’.

So as per usual in this technological universe I feel a little alone.

Maybe this doesn’t bother other people?
Can you reproduce this behaviour?
Yamaha, can you fix this very limiting fault?

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Posted on: December 15, 2016 @ 05:17 PM
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roman - 15 December 2016 04:42 PM

[...]I searched the forum and couldn’t find any threads with the search criteria ‘quantise strength’.[...]

Try “quantize strength”.

EDIT: I can’t seem to post the Google search link with quotation marks around “quantize+strength”, so add them if you want to use Google that way.

That is, try this in a Google search…
“quantize strength”

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Posted on: December 16, 2016 @ 09:52 PM
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Joined  01-03-2006
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I searched using your recommendations.
No relevant threads.

All my questions remain.

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