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Posted on: November 22, 2016 @ 07:46 AM
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Direct Performance Recording on Moxf is great but I have two major problems with it :
1) Recording performance with arpeggios type ‘sort+direct’ or ‘thru+direct’.
This is a well known problem, and Bad Mister and other give some workarounds.
But it is very difficult recording a performance with 4 parts using these types of arpeggios.
2) Recording tweaking button while recording a performance (Cuttof, Resonance, FegDepth, AS1, AS2, etc).
If you select ‘common’ button on Moxf you can record tweaking button while recording but, of course, if you modify say ‘Cutoff’ offset, this is for the four parts.
If you select a part via the ‘Part Select’ buttons, you can’t record tweaking button.
The solution is using six controllers via ControlSet but AS1 and AS2 are not recordable and we don’t have ribbon, after touch, breath control and we have only one programmable pedal on the Moxf.

So for using the full potential of Moxf, and creating powerful performances with complex arps and not be afraid as how record them I have write an utility for trying resolving these issues.

The basic idea is I consider a performance have 8 parts not 4.
The first 4 parts are for playing keyboard, and the next 4 parts are for the arpeggio generators.

Here is the basic workflow for recording a performance:
1) launch the soft ‘MoxfPerformanceRecorder’ on the PC
2) Select a performance on the Moxf
3) Press ‘Get Perf’ button on the soft
4) press ‘Record’ on Moxf. Ensure you select a song not a pattern. (Ensure via ‘F2’ Perfpart 1-4 go to Rec Track 1-4. Ensure via ‘F3’ All is on)
5) Press ‘RECORD’ on the soft. (This place the soft in wait state)
6) Play your song. (The recording automatically start on Moxf and the soft)
7) When finish recording (by pressing Stop on Moxf), wait the Moxf finish recording the song in song mode, then press ‘OK’ in the waiting dialog box that appears on the Soft.
8) Choose a name for the song on the Soft and press ‘OK’ for saving it on the PC (optional).
9) On the Moxf press ‘JOB’ then ‘TRACK’ then select ‘Clear Track’. Uncheck ‘Mix Part Param’, select All Tracks and press ‘ENTER’ twice then press ‘SONG’ to return on main screen
10) On the Moxf press ‘RECORD’. Ensure Type=replace RecTr=All Ch=All
11) On the soft press ‘PLAY’ ( the recording on Moxf start automatically)
12) At the end of recording, press ‘OK’ on the dialog box that appears on the soft for resending the mixing to the Moxf.
13) On the Moxf press ‘STORE’ for saving your song.

You can now continue recording/editing in song mode or transfer your song in pattern mode and continue working or transfer your song to a DAW via midi file or direct recording.

Your song/mixing have this structure :
Track 1-4 Part 1-4 channel 1-4 contains what you play in performance for that part, depending on mute, arpeggio state and arpeggio type.
Track 5-8 Part 5-8 channel 5-8 contains what the arppegiator generate for that channel depending on mute, arpeggio state and arpeggio type.
(Voices 5 to 8 are the same as voices 1 to 4)
Of course, depending on the structure of the original performance and use of mutes, some tracks may be unused and so reusable at will.

If while recording and playing your song on Moxf, you select a part (via ‘Part Select’ buttons on Moxf) and move a button (Cuttof, Resonance, FegDepth, AS1, AS2, etc) a sysex is generate by the Moxf, these sysex are converted to CC for the right part(s) and channel(s) later by the soft. Some button like FegDepth can’t be converted to CC, so a new sysex for song mode is generated by the soft, as sysex have no channel these sysex are put on Track one by Moxf.
(You can move these syex to another track if you want reuse track one)

While recording you can select by part or global ARP ON/OFF buttons on Moxf, the soft recognise the sysex transmitted on port 4 by Moxf and adapt his rules of conversions of datas on channel 1 (details of rules in the associate doc).

The soft can be used as a performance manager as you can get, save, load and send a performance with hese voices. (If a performance has user voices, you can write it on Moxf via ‘Write Voices’ button (save your voices before !)).

The screen try to present how to ‘conduct’ the performance via his controls and what arpeggios it has. (I am tired of swapping between ‘performance mode’ and ‘voice mode’ for remember or discover what happens If I move say MW or switch AF1 for each part, etc).

You can also do others things such as trying others arpeggios while playing a performance with screen for finding arpeggio by category. Relocate voices used by the performance. Relocate user arpeggios, etc. (See doc)

Finally, the soft is able to manage mute parts while recording, the problem is Moxf generate nothing if you press his mute buttons, but if you have a device like nanoKontrol (cheap) or Yamaha MFC10 and a soft like MIDI-OX (free) or Bome software you can map some CC to sysex and merge midi ports of controller and Moxf to a virtual port. So you can mute/unmute part while recording (details in associate doc).

I have write this program for my own use which is performance centric (after all this is the Montage’s paradigm). So depending on your own workflows you can find the additional functions useful or useless !

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Posted on: April 11, 2017 @ 12:58 AM
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Many thanks!

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