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Viewing topic "Connecting ES7 via midi to access virus connected to cubase 8 via USB"

Posted on: November 19, 2016 @ 09:27 AM
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Joined  01-01-2007
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HI guys
this is probably v easy to resolve but wanted to be sure before pulling out the wires etc. Set up is access virus synth desktop that acts as sound card and connected to iMac and small midi controller via USB. Now the ES7 is my play-keyboard, however I’d like to now record an arpeggio riff (voice mode but this can be put into pattern or song mode if necessary) via however means into a cubase 8 project i’m working on, Can i simply connect the midi ins/outs from ES7 into in/outs of access virus and play the ES and that will play direct / record into cubase? that would be quite convenient without having to rejig set up...? can you pls do a step by step?
Once upon a time i used to have mlan16e card that routed direct into the computer and that was great until the computer aged and a few upgrades later nothing seemed to work...still love the ES though, one day would love to get the xf though i hear that’s been discontinued..?
Please advise and thanks a lot in advance for any help getting the arp into the cubase project

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