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Viewing topic "Motif-ES8 with PLG150-AN issues"

Posted on: November 01, 2016 @ 12:28 PM
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coming back with some old stuff but I’m really stuck and needs help.
Thx in advance!

I have a Motif ES8 with a PLG150-AN card.
I’d like to load/edit/save AN1X sounds. I know this is possible with the AN Expert Editor.
I have Studio Manager v2.3.1 installed on a PC with Windows 10.1
Motif Multipart Editor and Motif Voice Editor are installed, visible in the Studio Manager and working fine with the Motif ES.
I have also installed the latest AN Expert Editor v1.2.2 but have different issues.

As some other people mentioned on this forum and on internet, I do not see the AN Expert Editor in Studio Manager. It is not visible in the list of devices to be added to the SM workspace.

Issue2 - The most important one
When starting AN expert editor I can perform the Midi Setup and see the Motif ES Midi channels
HOWEVER, I don’t have any connection with the synth. Storing sounds, editing params and hearing the impact doesn’t work.
I can load AN1 files in the editor but then not use any of the sounds!

If I cannot solve above issues, is there a way to directly load AN1X files in the Motif ES? At least I would be able to use the AN1X sounds and if necessary adapt a few params…

Thx in advance!

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Posted on: November 06, 2016 @ 09:50 PM
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Hey I just installed one, it drove me a little crazy but I got it, you need to got to Utility- > Midi -> other -> change “midi in\out to USB, leave Dev no at all, go back to the software and it will work for you.

Plg 150 AN expert. one of the posts gave the proper version to download, there were a few that didn’t come up in SM

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Posted on: November 08, 2016 @ 04:05 AM
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When in doubt, reinstall. They should engrave that in gold above the screen of all Windows computers ;)

Install the Expert Editor first, then Studio Manager. I recall my old XP laptop having issues now and then with Studio Manager not finding editors.

As for your question, it is possible to load files directly to the ES without using the editor. Third party PLG150-AN libraries like Regenerator or the Easysounds libraries come with those files as well as editor files.

Of course, the PLG voice data is erased when you power down, so setting up Autoloading is highly recommended so your PLG voices are present every time you power up.

Editing of all PLG boards from the ES itself is extremely limited. There are a small number of parameter “offsets” you can make. In some cases, the range of available offsets is not enough to move the parameter all the way to the value you desire. I ended up doing all my edits with Expert Editor and not using any of the offsets.

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