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Viewing topic "Serious Newbie needs help picking sounds for upcoming performance!"

Posted on: August 17, 2016 @ 04:56 PM
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Next month I’m playing in a band (a one time gig for my wife’s 40th bday, something we did for her 30th bday too).  It’s drums, guitar, and of course keyboard - and two of the songs need various kinds of keyboard/synth help. 

We’re all total amateurs.  And although I used to use keyboards in a very amateur way, that was like 15 years ago.  I just got my old Motif 6 (and PLG-150 expansion board) out of storage, and it turns out I don’t remember a single thing about any of it.  I started reading the manuals and my brain immediately melted.  Guess I’m getting old.

So here’s the mission.  The songs we need to play are:

- Miss Jackson by Panic at the Disco
- Crazy in Love by Beyonce

Wondering if anyone experienced with the Motifs would be willing to listen to the songs, and help me figure out certain voices (or techniques?) to mimic the sounds.

Anyone?  If you ever come through NYC, I could get you tickets to the TV show I work at by way of thanks (or something else cool).  My wife and I both thank you ahead of time!

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Posted on: November 07, 2016 @ 06:45 AM
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Is it too late to help?

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