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Viewing topic "Method For Enabling/Disabling Voices Within A Multi Preset"

Posted on: August 16, 2016 @ 08:32 AM
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Hello Again.

I would like to be able to setup a Multi Preset that has four voices, then somehow use ARPs to enable/disable various voices.

For example, let’s say that I have a multi with four voices:
1. Piano (no ARP)
2. Bass (ARP)
3. Guitar (ARP)
4. Drums (ARP)

ARP 1 is my intro, and it only uses the piano voice. I would simply set the ARP Type for the other voices to either Mute 4/4 or Off (not sure how they’re different—feel free to share if you know).

ARP 2 adds a nice riff on the Guitar voice, but I don’t want drums to come in yet, so I set its ARP Type to Mute 4/4 or Off.

ARP 3 brings in the drums, but now the guitar riff ARP should stop playing, so I set its ARP Type to Mute 4/4 or Off.

My problem is that I don’t know which ARP Type to use so I can manually play one of the ARP’ed voices. If I set the type to ‘sort’ or ‘thru’, Mute 4/4 and Off do just that. I guess I was hoping that ‘sort+direct’ would honor Mute 4/4 or Off and not let the direct part leak through.

Another possibility is that there is a Control Type ARP that has a very minor impact on the sound (say a gentle pan effect). Then I would switch back to ‘thru’ and sound would be heard when using the Control Type ARP, but not when set to Mute 4/4 or Off. Again, if someone has any insights on what a specific Control type ARP does, please let me know!

My apologies if this is confusing. I’m really hoping that someone has figured out a way to enable/disable voices within the context of a Multi utilizing ARPs 1 - 5.

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Posted on: August 18, 2016 @ 11:21 AM
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Just a quick addition…

If I choose Control type ARP ‘AS1Tri+1’ (#6594), with either ‘sort’ or ‘thru’, is it safe to conclude that key on data is being intercepted only as a trigger, and modified according to the parameters I set for Assign 1?

By “intercepted”, I mean that the ARP doesn’t ONLY add AS1 params to my MIDI data, but it has its own pre-defined MIDI data which is processed through AS1.

I guess I was hoping that at least one of the Control type ARPs would ONLY add its function to my MIDI data (which is closer to ‘direct’).

Sorry folks. It’s hard for me to give up on this one.

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Posted on: September 02, 2016 @ 07:31 AM
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Hmm… I’m kind of surprised that this post hasn’t received any replies yet (other than myself). Usually that means it can’t be done, but I also know that this device has so many complexities no one could ever say that with 100% confidence!

I’m pretty sure that this would be an easy task with the Motif XS8 in Pattern Mode, but doing it on an XS Rack Multi isn’t so easy.

I did have one crazy idea, and would appreciate any input the forum can offer. I have a 2nd tier keyboard controller set to MIDI Channel 5 which I typically use for leads, pads, etc. If I had a piano assigned there, would there be any way that I could still trigger the ARPs I have setup on Tracks 1-4 (Channel 1)?

Another easy method for changing instruments on an ARP change would be to enable the “Change Voice with ARP” option. That way if I choose an ARP whose default instrument is piano on Track 1 and an ARP whose default instrument is guitar on Track 1, I’ll at least get close to the desired result. Of course, this would require that I find an ARP that has very little effect on my live playing.

So the biggest question is this:
Which ARP on the XS Rack is the most boring (like long drawn out notes with no added mods)???

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