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Viewing topic "MD-BT01 bluetooth adapter compatibility"

Posted on: August 10, 2016 @ 02:02 PM
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Joined  08-19-2007
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I would like just to share thoughts about newly released Yamaha’s bluetooth MIDI adapter MD-BT01.
If you check list of compatible products you will find only new Motif synths and keyboards.
I have bought this adapter recently since I would like to add it to my Motif Rack XS and MOXF. I have checked it immidiately upon arival from Canada, thanks to my friend who have been recently there. In order to work, MiDI port on keyboard should be set to MIDI and settings stored.
Then power off keyboard, plug MIDI adapter and then power up again. Device should be visible on iPad (newer version only, with BT 4.0).
I have tried on my iPad Air 2 and it works seemlesly in all Yamaha applications, Cubasis and other applications that support wireless (bluetooth) adapter(s).
Now surprise!! I just want to try it with very old device, MU 2000EX.
And it works!!!! I have even played plugin boards installed in MU using on screen keyboard in Cubasis!!!! Could you believe it?
Then I have played MU over bluetooth MIDI using my small USB controller (Korg microKEY) connected to iPad via USB! Nice, I like it!
The same situation is with my Motif ES. MD-BT01 works as should be expected.
I think that Yamaha don’t wont to put in the list older devices, but I don’t know why it should not work with any device that provide proper supply voltage on MIDI 5-pin connector. Worth try. Hope that I have helped someone else to try the same thing.


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