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Viewing topic "Motif ES8 action vs other options"

Posted on: July 13, 2016 @ 12:52 PM
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I want to get a 88 keys keyboard… I had a S90ES and really liked its keys, I was wondering if the Motif ES8 is exactly the same action or is it different?

I have a P95 that I don’t like much at the moment, it’s a GHS unit vs balanced hammer effect on the S90ES and ES8.

Since I tested other brands and didn’t like much what I had, I’d probably get a FA-06 and an old Motif 88 BHE keyboard. So I was wondering if I’d get the S90ES keys on the Motif ES8… Also would consider MO8, are these type of keys replicated here too?

My main priority is the keybed, but I’d also like to play with a Motif unit too…

Lastly, I could consider a MOXF8 as long as people say it’s real good.. Like, I heard there is less noise in these. My P95 makes so much noise that anything that takes me away from that would be welcome.

thanks in advance for replies

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Posted on: July 13, 2016 @ 08:52 PM
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Hello and Welcome,

Almost everything you can now figure out online but I’d say keyboard action is one of the few remaining issues that you really can only decide about using personal, hands-on experience.

Even if two models use the same action (which you can check by looking at the relevant specifications) they still might ‘speak’ differently from one model to another.

Since this is clearly an important consideration for you (and quite right too) I would strongly suggest you find a way to spend a little time playing each instrument you’re considering before making a decision. Obviously if your candidates are no longer current models that poses some logistical challenges but hopefully you can find a friend or associate locally who has them. Also, don’t forget that there are velocity ‘settings.’ These are extremely important and will allow you to tailor the response of your instrument to the lightness or strength of your playing style. In other words, even when you can locate test instruments, make sure you adjust velocity settings when you do so that you can see and feel the full range of options on each instrument. A bit of extra effort now will be rewarded by a satisfying experience in the long-term.

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