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Viewing topic "S70xs USB-Midi issue"

Posted on: July 12, 2016 @ 11:20 AM
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Joined  07-11-2016
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My S70xs (firmware 1.06) is not being detected by windows10 laptop and i-mac 2015 (connected thru USB-type B).The midi in/out setting on the KeyB is set to USB. It was all fine till last month. Just this week when tried connecting both computers failed to detect. I uninstalled the USB-Midi driver and later while re-installing it gives the message NO DEVICE CONNECTED. The S70xs editor is also not detecting the keyboard. It looks as if the KeyB is not transmitting any data. Is this a problem with the S70xs? Have I missed out any setting on the S70xs? I hope its not a problem with the KeyB? If its a problem with the S70xs port can it be fixed easily/quickly? I am a little disheartened. I bought the KeyB because of the weighted keys and mainly because it doesnt have a Sequencer&Sampler;on board; its ability to record with the DAW cubase7 & Logic X using the editor. But now I am unable to use the editor to Record midi using it as VST.

I’ve not heard good reviews of the local service centre. I really hope its not a problem with the KeyB. Please guide me. I look forward to your support/reply.

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