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Viewing topic "XF->MOXF: The Cleanup Begins!"

Posted on: June 12, 2016 @ 09:14 AM
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Joined  10-03-2010
status: Enthusiast

Longtime XF7’er, I just added a MOXF6 as a lightweight sub board to take on flights / trips.  I designed custom sounds and layouts on the XF7 that I’ve proven in rehearsals and live shows, I can use those same programs on MOXF6 and sound the same!

I bought a Mutec 2G for MOXF.  I have one FL1024 (1G) in my XF, its full.  Warning to all:  Don’t load things you don’t need!

Now a long overdue XF cleanup begins:  I saved an XF All file and also transferred my library via Melas to Librarian file.

(for those that don’t use Melas tools, the below may explain reasons why they are so useful).

1. in Librarian:  move User4 Voices I use/want to Users 1-3.  most of my custom Voices are in U4 while Users 1-3 are littered with voices I don’t use or like.  Melas Library SWAP function to maintain link to Performances.  I started today.

1b Move Performances to User 1-2 banks (no risk, I don’t need more than about 120 for all of my current bands)

2. Delete unwanted voices in Melas Library file that have FL waveforms.  Here I’m not sure - does Librarian show if a voice uses a preset vs user (Fl1/Fl2) waveform?  if not, this plan doesn’t work and needs to be modified.

** Next Steps create existential changes, I’d welcome experts thoughts on my plan - any warnings or errors?  Better way to get rid of unused waveforms???


3.  Transfer (newly located) Voices and Performances from Melas back to XF.  This gives me “clean” Voice and Performance user banks on XF.  BUT - alot of unused waveforms still on FL1024. so ...

4. Save new XF ALL file to USB (for use in Melas WF Editor).

Now Importing this new All file to Melas WF Editor -

5. delete waveforms that are not used in a Voice (Voice already deleted).  Has anyone done this - is it easy to understand?

6. Save as new XF All file. 
6b. Create a new MOXF file and copy User 1-3 Voices, User 1-2 Perfs to this new file.  Save as a new MOXF All file.  This will copy needed waveforms along with the Voices, I’m told.

Q:  Will I loser Masters etc doing this - I haven’t really used them much anyway, just a thought.

7. Load w/Samples file from 6b into MOXF - test if user voices work correctly.

8. If all looks good - reformat my flash board in XF and load the new XF All file w/samples back into XF.


(still to do)
- Many of my XF7 Performances used the full key span.  I’ll have to do some redesign in MOXF6 to play in 61 keys.  secondary concern to this cleanup/transfer.

oh, MOXF6 (second) First Impressions:
I played around MOXF6 in more detail last night, getting to know the UI vs XF.  XF is easier with larger screen and more parameters accessible.  But things can be done in MOXF, feeling good here.  Glad I have XF history!

Tried the Performance Creator function.  pretty cool.  I don’t really need it but its easy to use for basic Performance setup.

LOVE the keybed (for a $1000 board).  Said it last week but I played alot more last night and I’m amazed at how stable the keys are and how “right” it feels for its price point.  It is less different vs XF7 than I expected, it will be very easy to switch between the two.

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