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Viewing topic "AF Buttons Not Working In Master Mode"

Posted on: May 17, 2016 @ 10:04 AM
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Joined  09-23-2011
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I’m not sure where to look for this… I use AF1 & AF2 to on/off some elements in voices and to on/off some voices in performances.

In performance mode, the switches work perfectly but when I put those performances into masters, the AF buttons are kind of hit or miss.

With some masters (all masters are performance mode with zones enabled), the buttons work correctly. With other masters, the buttons seem to be dead. I have my assignable FW set to send CC86 so I can use it to trigger AF1 and even when the panel AF buttons don’t work, the assignable FS always triggers the AF1 function and lights up the button.

There isn’t a lot of configurability in master mode, but my internal tone generator is always in zone 1 and I do have all my masters set to send SW1 & SW1 to zone 1.

Am I missing something, or have some of my masters just gotten flaky over time?

Also, while I’m asking, triggering AF1 with my FS (CC86) only seems to engage the AF1 function in momentary mode. I guess that follows since my FS is a momentary FS, but is there any way my FS (Yamaha FC5) can work exactly the same as the AF panel buttons, i.e. press once to latch, press again to unlatch, just like the AF button when my AF is configured to latch?

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