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Viewing topic "Controlling rotary effect from a MIDI controller"

Posted on: March 04, 2016 @ 03:09 PM
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Greetings!  I have an ES Rack that I’m trying to control from a Korg M50 keyboard.  It actually works pretty well, but I’m having trouble with the rotary effect on organ patches.  With Korgs own patahces, the M50 uses the joystick to turn the effect on or off.  Hit it once, the effect goes on.  Hit it again, the effect goes off.  But when I use the ES Rack patches, the joystick doesn’t work the same.  In order to get the rotary effect to work, I have to hold the joystick at 12 o’clock while playing.  When I release the joystick and it goes back to the center position, the rotary effect goes off.

My question is this: Is there something in the ES Rack and/or the M50 keyboard that will make the rotary effect go on and off like it does when I’m playing the M50’s own sounds?

Thanks in advance!

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Posted on: July 15, 2017 @ 04:46 PM
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Hi you has a solution finnaly ?

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Posted on: July 16, 2017 @ 05:43 AM
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The Korg joystick works differently than the mod wheel on other synths. Mod wheels are never spring loaded and they move in only one direction, they are mapped to MIDI CC#1. The Korg joystick is spring loaded and moves in two directions, + where it sends CC#1 and - where it sends CC#2 (breath control). 

The rotary effect in the Motif is set up by default so when CC#1 crosses the boundary from a value of 63 to 64 (half way between 0-127) the effect switches to fast and in the reverse direction switches to slow.

As you move the joystick in the + direction, the M50 starts sending a string of CC#1 messages with increasing values until the motion stops. Once the value of 64 is reached at the halfway point, the Motif effect will toggle to you have seen. Because the joystick is spring loaded, when it is released, the M50 starts sending a string of CC#1 messages with decreasing values until the motion stops. Once the value of 63 is reached, the Motif effect will toggle back to slow.

You need to either hold the joystick (that means playing with only one hand) or use another controller that can be assigned to assignable knob, an expression pedal or footswitch.

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