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Viewing topic "Newowner - Saving Pattern / Quantize confusion"

Posted on: March 03, 2016 @ 08:14 AM
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Joined  03-02-2016
status: Newcomer

Hi! I just got a Motif 6 after really loving my MX49. I have a few questions.

1. Is there a good tutorial on saving patterns to your memory card? I have the manual but I am finding it confusing. I select “All patterns” then choose the folder I want it to go to, click enter, it asks me to overwrite, I say yes, and usually it just saves a copy of the folder, a couple times it saved the pattern and I don’t know what I did right.

2. I have create a pattern and it sounds great. I use quantize and everything sounds in the correct tempo, etc. Then, when I save it (if I get lucky and am able to save it,) Next time I turn on the Motif and play the pattern, everything is on the wrong tempo (for example the bass drum and the high hat were alternating beats, now they’re hitting on the same beat) I am quite sure this is a human error and I’m just doing something wrong. If there is a “quantize for dummies” that would be great - I haven’t really needed quantize before this as I had a drum machine. This could have to do with question 1 too - maybe I’m saving it wrong.

3. I would love to have a fellow owner I could chat with on facebook whenever I run into issues. It is annoying to sift through forums and youtube to find the answer to one small question. If you’re open to it, add me - my name is Candy Durant.

thanks in advance.

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Posted on: March 03, 2016 @ 09:57 AM
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Joined  01-25-2005
status: Guru

For a new user, the best thing to do is to save All, which is everything in the machine...system settings, all voices, all patterns, all songs, all samples...everything.

An All file has one huge advantage: you never find you forgot to save something and it can be automatically loaded when you turn the Motif on so it returns to the exact same state it was in when you saved that file.

When you save All Patterns or All Songs, only the sequence data is saved along with pointers to the locations of the voices for each track but not the voices themselves. So if you remove any of those voices in the future or just move them to a different location in the User Voice Bank, when you play back your sequence it will play the wrong voices.

Any time you save a file, give it a unique name! That way you never lose any of your data by overwriting it. I tend to name my files with names like “Backup-3-3-2016” or if I’m working on songs for my band I might name it “My Band Songs 3-3-2016”.

Get a card reader for your computer and backup the files on the card to a folder on your computer. That way if you fill the card up or the card is lost or damaged, you have a backup copy of the data.

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Posted on: March 06, 2016 @ 01:54 PM
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Joined  03-02-2016
status: Newcomer

Thank you! I’m making progress. Saving “all” works! Any tips on where to find a card reader for those old cards? I have a multi card reader but it doesn’t have that kind of slot.

Thanks again!

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Posted on: March 08, 2016 @ 11:59 AM
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Joined  10-02-2002
status: Administrator

Hi there and welcome to

All Motifs are pretty serious instruments, with a ton of features, procedures, terminology etc that you need to get a handle on if you’re going to have a smooth ride.

While you can just hunt and peck (and ask questions here of course) this can be a bit like learning how to build a house ‘by trial and error’ - something that would be made a great deal easier and safer by learning about construction / architecture beforehand.

Here on we’ve been producing instructional videos since Day 1 of Motif and we’d like to recommend one or all of the Motif videos, which will greatly speed up your understanding of the instrument, not to mention ease a lot of what can be a frustratingly steep learning curve.

Get Motifated download is available at our sister site


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