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Viewing topic "Liquido - Narcotic"

Posted on: October 23, 2015 @ 08:20 AM
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Hey there,

I just started to build some voices/performances for my cover band with my MOXF8.

The voice I’m building is the synth sound of Narcotic from Liquido (

The sound is originially from a Roland-D70 sound called “I:47 Mondo Poly” and is a layer of 4 sounds:

Patch 1= a87 Lite Bell1
Patch 2= a88 Polysyn (a brassy Jump type sound)
Patch 3= a88 Polysyn (detuned for analogish chorusing)
Patch 4= a88 Polysyn (up an octave from Patches 2 and 3) volume reduced by 12%

Overall, the Performance program has Hall 2 reverb.

Velocity controls the filter cutoff frequency.
AfterTouch controls the filter cutoff frequency, and vibrato amount.

from: Source

The user in the nord forum has uploaded a mp3 file where he plays all parts separeted.

Now I “just” want to know, if you have some tips for the brassy sound and which bell sound I could/sould take from the MOXF library?

Thanks in advance!

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Posted on: October 25, 2015 @ 06:39 AM
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Hi moonmonk3y,

there is a ready-to-use Song Mixing for “Narcotic” (including the pad sound AND the synth sound) in the third part of the free library “Hybrid Performer” (Song 08) for Motif XF and MOXF (separate files for each model). You can load and use these Song Mixings WITHOUT loading dependent Voices, as every Mixing in that library only uses Mix Voices (automatically being loaded with the Song) instead of having dependencies to Voices in Voice Mode.

Voices used for the synth part: Stringbell, JP Saws Poly, Liquid Air, Faaat Mini, Mini 4 Pop. Not all of them are MOXF Preset Voices, so you might not find them in your MOXF.

To get all three parts of the Hybrid Performer library, just send an E-Mail with the subject “Hybrid” to “”.

It might be possible that you need a Flash board installed to your MOXF, as some of the Mix Voices in this library use additional User Waveforms from several Yamaha- and Easy Sounds libraries.

More Info in the Music Production Guide 08/2014:

Regards, :)


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Posted on: October 26, 2015 @ 04:26 AM
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Joined  10-22-2015
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Thanks for your reply! :)

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