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Viewing topic "Gigging solo with the S70XS"

Posted on: September 26, 2015 @ 07:47 PM
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Joined  01-08-2014
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I’m hoping to hear from those of you who are doing solo gigs.  Two questions to start:  1) What features do you use? and 2) What sort of rooms do you play?  Bars?  Restaurants? Do managers think of you as someone who fills a band slot or a solo slot?  How you answer the first question will influence your answer to the second, I guess.

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Posted on: September 28, 2015 @ 03:44 AM
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I use it in many different ways

A. Just as a piano playing background-music at cocktailparties
B. As a piano with a mic plugged in (myself or with someone who sings better than me, that is anyone), at restaurants or as coffe-entertainment at dinners
C. Use the arps - I have once played dancemusic at a wedding together with a trumpet-guy (no bass-player or drummer). Mostly swing and bossa nova.
D. I’ve had a few gigs where there was a great need for having the music sound as close to the orignial as possible. I’ve then used the midi player and sometimes played recorded wav.files and then just added some piano part and singing on the top to make it sound more “live”

I’ve played all kinds of sologigs. Cocktail background music, Dancemusic at weddings, Background music at dinners, entertainment-music at galas etc.

At sologigs I almost always use my own mini-PA. I plugg in my S90XS straight into a couple of Yamaha MS60S.

Kind regards from Sweden

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Posted on: September 28, 2015 @ 10:21 AM
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Joined  01-08-2014
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Thanks for your response, piano-player. (I have relatives in Smaland.)

Oddly I use my S70XS more like an organ duo, except that I haven’t found a suitable drummer, so zone 4 is always a drum ARP.  Zone 1 is always a bass voice, leaving zones 2 and 3 for piano organ, EP strings, etc.  Occasionally, I’ll use zone 3 for a second drum ARP where a change in groove (but not tempo) is called for.

I also sing.

I can send it all through a 350W powered speaker and/or a 1000W PA, so I have the capability of filling a slot normally dedicated to a dance band.  This isn’t the only keyboard that has that capability, but it works well and is a huge improvement over the Farfisa Duo I had 50 years ago and even the B3/Hohner key bass that replaced it.

Is anyone out there doing anything remotely like this?

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