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Viewing topic "S90XS “D1 harmonic” issue (possible new & improved model/suggestions?)"

Posted on: August 04, 2015 @ 12:37 PM
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Joined  08-04-2015
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I bought the S90XS model because I love the weighted hammer action and the real piano-like feel, the sound has a lot of dynamics and can be very expressive, especially for acoustic piano sounds. However, there’s a severely annoying high-pitched tinny harmonic effect on 3 notes in a lower octave: C#1, D1, and D#1. At least, the harmonic effect is obvious when the voice setting is on various piano settings like “Natural Grand” and “Intimate S6”, etc., and it totally ruins my recordings and distracts me from my pieces. So much so, that I resorted to returning the keyboard I’d originally fallen in love with for a complete refund! Now I’m in the market again for a new keyboard to replace the S90XS.

I don’t like the Motif XF8 because the weighted hammer action is not as good as the S90XS, and it takes away from the dynamics of my playing and minimizes my practice efforts. I don’t like the CP4 stage piano because it sounds (and looks) cheesy to me. So, now I’m left to wonder: why a reputable and premier manufacturer like Yamaha (whose products and craftsmanship I’ve relied on for decades) would overlook such a glaring defect in a key model? And will they anytime soon be releasing a newly improved model comparable to the S90XS, especially in the weighted hammer action area that doesn’t have such obviously annoying harmonics for their pianist customers out there who buy for the realistic piano sounds and play feel?

I’ve had musician friends recommend the Roland 700 (or 800) model in substitution, as well as the Nord Stage 2 EX model, but I’m not sold after playing these models and watching demos. Can anyone out there relate to this problem and/or suggest any keyboard (Yamaha or other brand altogether) that will fit the bill?

Thanks for your time, guys!

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