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Viewing topic "Will PLGs in Motif ES Rack slow down the rest of the unit?"

Posted on: July 23, 2015 @ 10:26 AM
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Joined  12-01-2014
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I will probably get myself an ES rack for two purposes:

plg150DX and JayB sounds.

I already own a moxf but it can’t really cope with both things above (unless someone converts the latter to moxf - why don’t the moxf editor manage the same range of file-formats as the XF editor does? Yamaha???).

For the plg, i’ve heard that the ES of course takes longer to switch plg patches, just like plg-cards running inside any host usually do (i used one in my old S30 before). That same source also claims that the ES will also become slower when switching normal AWM2 patches as well, and this is a bother to me. Is this claim true? Will the ES transform into a slow unit with a plg mounted inside?

on a side note: i understand that the sampling option is lacking on the ES rack, compared to the ES keyboard versions (as well as ram, etc) but hardware wise, are they based on the same PCB? Does the ES have the headers for ram and/or SM media on the main board?

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