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Viewing topic "FC3A Pedal vs FC3"

Posted on: June 01, 2015 @ 03:39 AM
Total Posts:  3
Joined  05-21-2015
status: Newcomer

I need a half damper pedal for my XS.

I’ve noticed there is a new pedal, and FC3A. Looks less square.

Does anyone have one? Any thoughts? My gut feeling is to go for the older FC3, maybe it’s better built?

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Posted on: July 20, 2015 @ 05:04 AM
Total Posts:  260
Joined  10-02-2003
status: Enthusiast

The FC3A housing looks more like the housing of a FC4 pedal.

Perhaps it’s just a practical decision to start using the same housing for both pedal types.

Other than that I assume the functionality of the FC3 and FC3A is identical. Just visit a local store and try them out (if they have both models)

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Posted on: July 20, 2015 @ 07:19 PM
Total Posts:  850
Joined  06-05-2011
status: Guru

The new FC3a appears to have undergone a bit of a change in appearance. Aside from the aesthetic differences from the FC3 and FC4, a profile view reveals what seems to be a “beefier” non-slip sole. The new model is also slightly longer. I do not have one, but would not hesitate to buy one. While design changes are rare for Yamaha pedals, one constant is quality.

My preferred FC3 dates from circa 1980, possibly earlier. I have several and buy them whenever I find them. This version has the same footprint as the FC7, with a lower profile of the current offerings. They are less likely to tip if not attached to a pedal board and they also have the gang plate on the bottom so that you may join multiples together, just as the FC7 has. A “Reface” version of this pedal would be much appreciated.

There seems to be a bit of mystery associated with Yamaha pedals of late. I’ve seen no mention of what the FC3a offers compared to the FC3. Many suppliers list the FC9 as out of production, yet I’ve read a recent thread in another forum where the Yamaha Rep advised a user to purchase one to satisfy his needs. Who knew? They’ve been out of production for 2 years now. The FC9 is a fantastic pedal and I can’t imagine ceasing production without a replacement model. If this is the case a “Reface” version of this would also be much appreciated.


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Posted on: July 20, 2015 @ 09:09 PM
Total Posts:  3116
Joined  10-05-2011
status: Guru

stoneb3, you have managed to get the newest Yamaha buzzword...twice...into your post, and the beauty is, it has nothing specific to do with its current usage, but is also totally relevant with regard to your references to dated Yamaha gear...which happens to be its genesis, after all.

I am quite impressed!

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Posted on: January 19, 2018 @ 04:40 PM
Total Posts:  6
Joined  01-10-2018
status: Newcomer

For the record, a lot of FC3 owners were annoyed by it squeaking.  Judging by Amazon reviews, the FC3A might have improved in this regard. (Yes, I know this thread is old.)

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Posted on: February 20, 2018 @ 01:33 AM
Total Posts:  432
Joined  01-24-2014
status: Enthusiast

My FC3’s squeak. Does FC3A not?

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Posted on: February 28, 2018 @ 12:40 AM
Total Posts:  432
Joined  01-24-2014
status: Enthusiast

Deja vu.

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