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Viewing topic "Why is there no battery version of mox or moxf?"

Posted on: January 07, 2015 @ 04:40 PM
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I was just wondering why there is no battery version of a mox or moxf as korg has the kross and roland has the juno di? I don’t like either the korg or Roland options, they are scaled back too much in features. But i finally have cubasis running on my Ipad and apogee one (which runs on batteries) so was just wondering whether Yamaha has any plans to make more portable synths to complete the puzzle for the mobile muso? It would be great if we didnt have to find power points, extension cables, then worry about others tripping over our leads. But on the same token, we don’t want a scaled back toy that doesn’t perform. Some main reasons I use the moxf over midi controllers is because I like moxf arp features and simplicity of recording and arranging with pattern mode without having to deal with midi connection issues, program and bank changes that aren’t saved or confused when loading songs etc. Keep up the good work Yamaha. Battery option or usb powered from Ipad, Iphone, laptop???

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Posted on: January 07, 2015 @ 06:55 PM
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Your subject is…
Why is there no battery version of mox or moxf?
...and you further asked…
Battery option or usb powered from Ipad, Iphone, laptop???

MOX power consumption is 10 watts.
MOXF power consumption is 13 watts.

USB3 can’t deliver that much power, and USB1 and 2 are lower still.

That leaves batteries to consider. The Korg Kross can run on six AA cells, while the Roland Juno-DI uses eight of the same size. AA cells produce about 1.5 volts when new, so six in series yields nine volts, while eight will make 12 volts.

Unfortunately, to get 10 or 13 watts for a MOX/MOXF, you need batteries that can deliver 12 volts at about 1 amp of current, which is 12 watts. Even though that’s not quite enough for a MOXF, let’s see what batteries might work, and for how long…
If you try to draw 1 amp from AA cells, brand new fresh ones will only deliver about 0.8 volts, instead of the necessary 1.5 volts. In fact, to be able to draw 1 amp for a reasonable length of time, it would require D cells, and to obtain 12 volts eight of them would be needed. For alkaline type, you won’t be able to draw 1 amp for very long, because the voltage will rapidly decrease below 12 volts. In approximately 3 hours it would be about 1.0 volts per cell, or 8 volts total from the 8 cells, likely too low to run the synth. Maybe 10 cells would be better, starting at about 15 volts when the batteries are fresh, dropping to 10 volts 3 hours later. It’s not sounding too practical. By the way, 10 alkaline D cells weigh over 3 pounds, adding about 20% to the weight of a MOX6 or MOXF6. They also take up “a bit” of room. Not inexpensive for 3 hours of use, either.

Maybe a lithium ion (Li-ion) type would be a better choice.

What it comes down to is the Korg and Roland models that run on batteries don’t have the features you said you want. The MOX or MOXF do, but draw more power than reasonable for powering by replaceable batteries.

That isn’t to say that Yamaha couldn’t design a synth you’d like that could be powered by eight smaller cells, but the MOX and MOXF don’t seem to be that product.

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Posted on: February 28, 2018 @ 12:29 AM
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Quality info, 5pin. ... Does anyone run a MOXF6 on a lightweight, portable battery?

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