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Viewing topic "Unable to do multitrack recording on Sonar X3 or Cubase 5 pro , Cubase 7 elements"

Posted on: October 08, 2014 @ 01:13 AM
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Joined  10-07-2014
status: Newcomer

Hey Guys,

I just got my Motif XF6 White edition a couple of days ago!
First Synthesizer and i’m super excited.

However i quickly got myself into a fix with the software.

I’m trying to do a multi- channel recording.
16 tracks .
So each time i play something on track on it records and then i move down to track to and play the bass while it plays back what i played earlier on track 1.

i can’t seem to get the template or setup work this way.
Both sonar and cubase detects my motif, and they can change my tones on the synth throught the software.
All that works fine.

The problem is when i do a recording on track 1 (Strings/Piano) it records the piece,
But when i move to track 2 and start recording (I change the instrument on that channel to bass) it plays back the track 1 piece in the tone i set on track 2!
This happens on X3 Sonar.

As for Cubase , i can’t even get to multi channel recording.

I’m noob and i might be posting this in the wrong section. I apologise if it’s in the wrong place. But please help me , i’m completely lost!

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