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Viewing topic "where to find new voice and trance sounds for motif xs6"

Posted on: October 04, 2014 @ 09:29 AM
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Dear Friends :-)
I was wondering where i can find new voices and awesome new trance sounds for the motif xs 6. And if so, how do i put them onto my sequencer? Does it delete any pre existing sounds? anyone with information on this would be helpful! :-)
God Bless

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Posted on: July 22, 2016 @ 02:40 PM
Mighty Motif Max
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Try Yamaha MusicSoft, and the store here on Motifator. I do not play a lot of that type of music, but there are some great free libraries out there, like an EDM Expansion soundset, or the “XSpand Your World” and “Inspiration In A Flash” libraries.

There is also the free Yamaha Music Production Guide from EasySounds, which has various goodies for the Motif series and other Yamaha synthesizers. Also, you can create your own voices.

What do you mean by, “Putting them on my sequencer”? If you mean loading them into the Motif’s internal Song mode’s sequencer, then every time you start a new project, you just pick the sounds that you want, track by track.

My preferred method is to first select a new project, and then go into Mixing Mode. From there, press the Edit button, and then press 1 under Part Select (on the panel). From there, turn “Parameter With Voice” on (if you want it to sound exactly as it does in Voice Mode - can only be used on a total of 8 tracks), and then press the Category Search button. That will pull up a list of the available voices - select one and then press enter. That voice is now imported to that project to be used. Repeat for any tracks needed - just change which track you select.

Does it delete any pre-existing sounds?

When you load your new voices, you can set a save destination, in any of your USER Banks. Anything that is in that location will be overwritten, so do a backup of everything on your Motif before importing.



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