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Viewing topic "Help! How to take an existing pattern, and move it to another pattern because of full memory!"

Posted on: October 03, 2014 @ 02:05 PM
Total Posts:  21
Joined  03-29-2010
status: Regular

Dear Friends,
I have used all the space on my Motif xs 6, but have a killer track all finished! I have asked this before, but if someone can help me move my finished track to another empty track as to remove all the other memory, so that i can export my track from chain mode into song, this would be helpful, ofcourse keeping the track i have now without destroying or erasing it! I cant find the old thread i had asked before, and Bad Mister helped me step by step, this time i’ll be sure to print out the steps hahaha:-) Does this make sense to you, i hope so!!! the issue is that i have used up all the numbered space for each individual track, therefore i have a sequencer memory full warning pop up, and cant continue! I wish to be able to copy and paste this complete track, into another free track area, and have the spaces freed up?!!! Need assistance ASAP!!!
Thank you and God Bless :-)

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