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Viewing topic "Performance to Pattern Effects(?) Issue"

Posted on: September 21, 2014 @ 04:35 PM
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Restating a previously posted problem, hopefully with more precise info.

I have a certain Performance that I’m trying to get into Pattern.  I’ve already done it successfully with other Patterns.  On this one there is something going on with Effects that hasn’t happened with any of my other attempts.

This Performance is 4 Parts, with drum/arp beat.  When I store it to Pattern the first thing I realize is that one Part has excess Effect (Chorus echo).  The parameters/values are identical when comparing the transfer, as are the volumes.  But aside from everything being louder (possible helpful hint), as is usually not the case, my one patch has gone form slight delay to pronounced delay.  And just generally, I think other Parts are being affected.  In the Performance the Part in question does have the Reverb/Echo parameter goosed to 127, but the end result in Performance mode is subtle, as desired.  Overkill in Pattern.

I notice that when I defeat the System Effect...the delay goes away all together, so I surmise that this has nothing to do with an Insert but rather a Common Effect value that is being finagled.

I notice that in a Performance I can see master/common ‘Effect Output’ values.  I see no such information in Pattern, and was wondering if that is what is changing and how I could possibly find out.

One observation is that typically when I put a Performance in Pattern, it defaults arp tempo to the same particular value and I have to reset it, no biggie.  And I believe that sometimes I might have had to rest volumes, but can’t be positive anymore.  But in this instance, the arp tempo transferred correctly (first time ever), but it’s something else that is loopy in it’s place.

I previousy had wondered if I was writing/adding over an existing Pattern that I didn’t properly delete and if this was causing the problem.  Since then, I do believe that I’ve initialized the Pattern properly before doing the switch.  Besides, I tried it in an used location and got the same results.  Thanks very much for any help and again for all help previously.

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Posted on: September 21, 2014 @ 05:38 PM
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obrother - 21 September 2014 04:35 PM

...I notice that in a Performance I can see master/common ‘Effect Output’ values.  I see no such information in Pattern, and was wondering if that is what is changing and how I could possibly find out....

In SONG and PATTERN Modes, the chorus and reverb levels are handled in the MIXING as send values (Reverb Send and Chorus Send), which can be adjusted per page 190 of the XF Reference Manual

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Posted on: September 21, 2014 @ 06:28 PM
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Joined  05-09-2003
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Thank you Cmayhle but I don’t think that’s helping in this instance.  I know that I can change the individual Chorus sends in each of the Parts.  What I’m experiencing is a wholesale change of sound/delay when I move my Performance into Pattern.

I’ve narrowed down the issue to what appears to be the Chorus Send (delay, in this case).  The variance between Performance and Pattern is glaring.  While I can go to the individual Chorus Send on that Pattern Part and back it off, it’s a guessing game as to whether or not I’m duplicating my original settings.  Additionally, I haven’t investigated yet how this, or any other setting (Rev Effect send, for example) have also affected the transfer to Pattern.  It does sound like I need additional tinkering, perhaps to the other Parts/Volumes...even after I back off the Cho Send level.

For now, I’m fixated on the Chorus Send because it essentially ruins the transfer and I’m trying to find out 1) Why has it happened, and 2) Is there a specific way for me to get to the bottom of what value(s) have changed from Performance to Pattern.

I’m still unclear about my query regarding Common Effects Send Levels in a Performance.  I can see those values in Performance, but after reading p. 190-ish, I don’t see how one finds the similar settings in Pattern.  That is, in Performance I can see ‘REVERB SEND ‘51’, and CHORUS SEND ‘9’.  It’s in Common, so I figure it’s a global setting and it is from there that the individual Part effect settings (that you referenced) are thus fine-tuned additionally. 

Are you saying that in Pattern there is no ‘global Common setting’ for Rev and Cho Send, and that you can only adjust from those individual Parts.  Not sure that you are.  But either way, it brings us full circle back to the original question(s), if all those individual effects levels (Rev/Cho Send) are identical in both Performance and Pattern (and I check-marked all the appropriate boxes when saving)....why are the audible results different?  And remember, that an additional issue/hint is that the volume is uniformly higher in Pattern....even though the volumes also have transferred properly. 

Thanks very much again, and apologies if I missed something basic on my end per your instruction.

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