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Viewing topic "device vs channel number and patch changes"

Posted on: September 11, 2014 @ 08:48 PM
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Joined  04-21-2008
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Here is what I am trying to do.
I am trying to send one program change to my Motif ES Rack and a different program change to my Yamaha FS1R.
After both instruments have been changed, I just want to play the patches.
Is there a way that I can send the program changes on one channel and play the instrument on another channel?
I see the term device number in the various manuals but I cannot determine how (or if) it is different than midi channel and, if it is different, how might I use that to my advantage.

Just for the record, I am using a Digitech PMC-10 to send patch changes;

I would appreciate any help or insight.

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