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Viewing topic "Bugs and/or anomalies"

Posted on: September 10, 2014 @ 07:01 AM
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Joined  09-16-2010
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I was reminded by this thread that certain bugs/anomalies in the XF and XS have never been resolved - they still exist in XF OS 1.50. I thought I’d document them again so that maybe someone at Yamaha would try to get them fixed in the next OS version. The Motif models are confusing enough for new users, even without inexplicable behavior.

I’d bring the following up at the yamahasynth site, but my limited internet access makes that impractical at this time. If anyone else would like to point out this post to someone (Athan Billias?) at yamahasynth, please do so.


Here’s a bug that’s existed for a long time, including in the XS, and still exists in XF OS 1.50…
From VOICE mode—
Press [EDIT]
Press [JOB] (which offers voice initialization)
Press [EXIT] (which goes back to voice editing)
Press [EXIT] again (hmmm...)
That should take you back to normal VOICE mode — but it doesn’t. Instead, the [TRACK] and [1] buttons are lit, as in the routine to set MIDI transmit channel, and pressing one of the numbered buttons does indeed change the transmit channel.

It’s not a big deal to get out of the MIDI transmit channel setting routine - you can just press [PROGRAM] . (See page 47 of the XF Reference Manual.) But the button sequence I described shouldn’t result in arriving there in the first place. Apparently some subroutine doesn’t return correctly. It doesn’t happen in either PERFORMance or MASTER modes.

(The above was originally posted about in the original XS forum.)


Two more:


Parameter with Voice defaults to using Arp#1, not the one that’s the default in the copied Voice. Occurs in Song, Pattern, and Performance modes.


In a thread lost to the XS forum meltdown, VikasSharma posted the following:

Scenario 1:
In Voice-Play mode, select a Voice which is not in your Favorites list.
Press F4 (Favorite>) - This takes you to your Favorites list.
Press F4 again (Category>) - Takes you back to the Category Search screen.
Press [EXIT].

Now, even without pressing [ENTER] anywhere in the above process to select a particular voice, the 1st voice from the Favorites list gets selected.

Scenario 2:
In Voice-Play mode, select any Voice.
Change your Category or Sub-Category.
Press [EXIT].

Now, even without pressing [ENTER] anywhere in the above process to select a particular voice, the 1st voice from the new Category gets selected.

I’m not sure if this is also by design or I’m missing something, but I found it to be somewhat counter-intuitive.


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