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Viewing topic "Cakewalk audiointerface hookup issues -help requested"

Posted on: March 13, 2014 @ 01:27 PM
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Joined  09-25-2010
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I need help hooking up my Cakewalk v studio 100 to my Yamaha MM6
keyboard. I want to use the v studio 100 as a standalone before learning how to use it with a DAW.Can someone walk me through this? I have tried using the Hardware manual but I do not hear anything yet.I set up my studio but I have not done any recording yet. I had problems with loud deafening noise when I used a particular DAW so I want to take a step back and just start using the v studio and the keyboard for a vocal I need to record. I have the equipment I need. Please tell me how you would set-up for my first recording session.I will need the music in WAV. I have a WAV to MP3 converter on my laptop.I know how to use it.
I am recording either tomorrow or Sunday so I need to do a test to be sure I am ready before the musician comes over to record.

Equipment Choices:
Yamaha MM6 keyboard
Cakewalk v studio 100
MIDI Cables (2)
Yamaha UX 16 and Driver CD
Audio-technica Studio Condenser Mic
Audio-technical Pro 35-Cardioid
Yamaha Piano
Behringer B205D Active Speaker
Shure SM58-vocal/ins
Audiotechnica ST95MK11 dynamic mic
M-Audio BX5 (2) w TRS cables or
Alesis Elevate Monitors w RCA cables

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Posted on: March 13, 2014 @ 01:51 PM
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May we suggest the following forum:

The folks at Cakewalk will be better suited to support your product.

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