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Viewing topic "Two options a Micro view of audio recording and a Macro view"

Posted on: March 12, 2014 @ 03:13 PM
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I know audio recording is old school compared to digital recording but I missed some important steps such as understanding routing and pan, so I am taking one step back.
Please comment on Plan A, Plan B or both. I have my first session in my own studio this week. I need to record an MP3 with the help of someone who knows more about audio recording than digital recording.I do not want to rely on their expertise alone.

Experience: I have converted wav recordings to MP3 many times but I usually go to the studio to record, but not this time.I have used the Superscope a lot for live recording.I have recorded on the MM6 and saved it numerous times.Neither I nor the person coming over knows how to convert the saved music from the MM6 and use it on a pc,etc. We have worked on that before unsuccessfully.

Plan A-My Idea of how to do an audio recording
Before I turn on the Sonar V Studio 100, I use either my monitor with the rca hook up or the more powerful monitor with the TRS. I forgot which whether the yellow or red is left or right, but I can look that up myself on the BX5. I also have an audio cable that I connect to either the right or left mono of the keyboard controller. If I connect the audio cable into the right mono input of the keyboard controller I understand that I must plug the other end into the same kind of input on the audiointerface-right mono.It is my understanding that I need to connect the active speaker to the Yamaha MM6 since it does not have a speaker. Now that leaves me with the left mono input that would also need a cable to my understanding. So I need two audio cables possibly.

Plan B- What would you use if these were your choices
My goal here is to do simple audio recording of a vocal and keyboard with possible drum machine or keytar. I have a wav to MP3 converter on my laptop from online coursework. I do not want to buy another thing right now. Things with a plus I know how to use in audio recording.What should I use, here are my choices:
1a.+Superscope (PSD 300) or
1b.*Cakewalk v studio 100
2.+Yamaha MM6-recording keyboard and saving
3.+Mobile Cube
4.+Studio Mic Condensor
5.+(2) Cardioid condenser clip on
6.*24 bit Wav/ MP3 Recorder
*Reader- for same type card SDHC for both

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