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Viewing topic "Midi keyboard controller for Motif Rack"

Posted on: February 19, 2014 @ 09:08 AM
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Joined  02-19-2014
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Hello to the forum

I am an owner of a Motif Rack and I want to purchase a 61 keys midi keyboard controller that will be capable to send MSB and LSB messages to Motif for bank and program changes and also will be capable to assign my favourite Motif presets to the assignable buttons of the controller.

I have checked so far the Novation Impulse 61 and the Roland A-800 pro. The Impulse can store up to 20 templates for settings (which is very very handy and makes it ideal for stand alone operation), but the manual does not explains much if it can assign the presets of a synth hardware to its buttons with bank and program changes messages…

The Roland A-800 pro seems to do that (though again the manual does not clearly explains that..), but it seems that it cant store presets onboard, only in a computer....

Any help ?

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