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Viewing topic "selecting voices in pattern"

Posted on: August 02, 2013 @ 01:23 PM
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Joined  06-20-2013
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Bad Mister, you’ll probably weigh in easily on this.
One other thing I’m not getting my head around.
Is there another way to select voices visually while in pattern mode other than category search?
Say I want my user voices. Currently if I’m in pattern mode, pick the track I want to start with and pick category search.. all is fine and well.  But what about picking user voices? 
Maybe i’m missing a shift function so that the user’s come up in searching… rather than the sub headings(syn lead/pad choirs, etc)

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Posted on: August 02, 2013 @ 02:21 PM
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Category Search is one way to select Voices when working in a SONG/PATTERN MIXING setup.

The other methods are:

1) As outlined in the OWNER’s MANUAL page 46 - on the MIXING screen - Move the Cursor to select the BANK and NUMBER - as shown on each channel strip.

2) Press [MIXING] to view the mixer.
Highlight the PART you want to select a VOICE for… [1]-[16]
Press [PROGRAM] so that it is lit
Press [USER 1] - [USER 4] as your BANK
Press a GROUP button [A] through [H] to view all sixteen Voices in each Group
Press a NUMBER button [1]-[16] to select the VOICE you wish to use
(page 22, Owner’s Manual: “Selecting a Preset Voice” - this method works in SONG and PATTERN mode when selecting a Voice for a PART)

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