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Viewing topic "Problem with duplicate waveforms on FL1"

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Posted on: June 22, 2013 @ 10:27 AM
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5PinDIN, the duplicates appear at the end of the waveform list under FL1. After checking it more closely, I found that there are over 100 duplicates, or what appear to be duplicates. It’s almost as if the whole IIF got loaded twice. I don’t see how this is possible since IIF takes up almost a whole 512 MB flash board. There’s nothing that I know of that’s wrong with FL2, which contains a 1 GB flash board.

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Posted on: June 23, 2013 @ 07:46 AM
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If Inspiration in A Flash had been loaded twice, using the ALL File Type as the LOAD option, then it would have duplicated more than just 100 Waveforms. It would have duplicated all 353 giving you over 700 Waveforms on the WAVEFORM LIST (UTILITY, F6 Flash)

Remember the WAVEFORM data is the smaller portion of the data handled by the FLASH LOAD routine.
Between SAMPLES and WAVEFORMS, the Samples are the audio and can be huge in size, while the Waveform data is the framework that “collects” the sampled audio into playable structures, and is much smaller in size.

If, at any time you loaded an individual Voice from a File, because you have Flash Boards, unless you definitively instructed the Flash Load option to “FL1 > None”, the other LOAD options for FL mean that a duplicate is added. Whether it is a small amount of data or a huge amount will depend on if you loaded with or “without sample”. Either way the Waveform List is affected.

If the option was inadvertently left set to “FL1 > FL1” - it would not only add the Waveform to the List, it would install additional samples (you would notice the available room on the board decrease, indicating new audio was written to the Flash Board.

If the option was set to “FL1 > FL1 without sample” - it would add the Waveform data to the List, it would not install any additional sampled audio to your Flash Board and the available memory would remain the same.

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Posted on: January 12, 2014 @ 09:49 PM
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Hi Bad Mister!

Unfortunately, I can not speak English, but I hope it will be Possible to Understand what I write by Google Translate.
I have a similar problem.
I have 35MB free space on the 1GB flash memory (FL2).
I save one sample (only 12MB) but, Memory Full error message write.
Several times I experienced this. More Waveform name double the FL2 Flash memory.
The correct Implementation, INTEGRATED SAMPLING - JOB - OTHER execution? You can delete all at once Waveform? Or just delete one by one in the Waveforms?


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