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Viewing topic "Live MIDI setting with Master and/or Multi"

Posted on: May 16, 2013 @ 08:28 AM
Mr Trier
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I have one Motif XF and one S90ES on stage and are trying to set them up so I can control both boards from the S90ES. I have two different problems.

I have programmed Master-programs so that when I change Master-program on the ES I also change the Voice on the XF. No problem. I am not however able to change the volume on the XF via the ES. THis has worked when I used an old Roland D50 but I can’t get it to work with the XF.

Any suggestions?

XF Basic Recieve Channel: 2
XF Keyboard Transmnit Channel: 2
ES Basic Receieve Channel: 1
ES Keyboard Transmit Channel: 2

For the most songs I play on the XF and ES separately. No problems. Other times I use only the sounds from the ES, for this I have created Multis wich is then connected to Master-programs. The XF then send on Midi-channel 2 to the ES. No problems.

But on some songes I want to have fx a piano on the ES and brass on the XF and when I play on the ES only the piano should be heard(no problem) but when I play on the XF I want both the brass and the piano sound to be heard.

In order to achieve that I have to change the Keyboard Transmit Channel on the XF to 1. But then I have to change that back to 2 so the other programs don’t get screwed up.

Am I doing this wrong? Should I make multis for everything? Or do I use the different MidiChannels wrong?

My head is starting to spin. =)

I would very much appreciate any help you can give me!

Best Regards

//Mr T

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Posted on: May 19, 2013 @ 02:18 AM
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Looks like you need to use Zones. Each Zone can have different settings such as MIDI channel,… This is part of MASTER Mode and is really great for live use.

Each master can have different settings so you can accomplish what you need.

Both your S90ES and your Motif XF have MASTER Mode. There are some differences but the concept is the same for both.

In your case. You could even use a Master on the S90ES to call up the necessary ‘things’ on your S90ES and at the same time call up a Master on your XF that recalls everything, (including Zones and MIDI channel assignement) that you need on the XF.

I have not used Master Mode on 2 instruments at once but it should work. Maybe I need to try this myself on my S90XS and Motif XF8.

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