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Posted on: April 08, 2013 @ 04:42 AM
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So on the mo6 the 4 sliders would control the volume of the 4 parts, I was thinking just by sliding them.

Do the 8 knobs control the parts on the mox6?

How do I get to that.

I did look but the answer didn’t jump out at me…


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Posted on: April 08, 2013 @ 05:20 AM
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The MOX6/MOX8 have eight knobs times three rows of Functions while in VOICE/PERFORMANCE modes; What the knobs will be doing depends on what is stored in the program and what row is currently illuminated.

Since you mention “4 Parts” we’ll assume you are talking about PERFORMANCE mode.

When you enter PERFORMANCE mode, here’s how it would work:
Press [PERFORMANCE CONTROL] button. This will turn the sixteen numbered buttons on your right front panel into your quick access control panel for accessing your PERFORMANCE PARTS, what they are doing and how they are behaving.

The sixteen buttons are divided into four groups of four such that:
[1]-[4] will be PART SELECT for the Voices assigned to PARTS 1-4. When that PART’s light is lit, the 12 KNOB parameters apply directly to this PART.

[5]-[8] will be ARP ON/OFF for the Voices assigned to PARTS 1-4

[9]-[12] will be PART MUTE for the Voices assigned to PARTS 1-4

[13]-[16] will be ARP HOLD for the Voices assigned to PARTS 1-4

When you SELECT a PART it is the one the KNOBS are assigned to control.
When you light the [COMMON] button - then the KNOBS will apply to the entire PERFORMANCE - all PARTS together.

The rows of functions by the KNOBS is fairly straight forward. The PART SELECTED will be affected by the KNOB that is moved and the selected row determines what that function is.

If you need to see all four PARTS and their respective levels
Press [EDIT] - leave the OUTPUT > VOL/PAN screen active.
You do so by selecting a PART [1]-[4] while in EDIT
Press [F2] OUTPUT
Press [SF1] VOL/PAN
This screen can remain active - while you perform…

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