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Viewing topic "Motif rack with Roland Fantom X7 different midi receive.."

Posted on: August 06, 2012 @ 01:18 PM
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Joined  02-24-2011
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Hi there,

I have been away for a long time… but I bought myself a Motif Rack again for trying.... and maybe for a newer Motif in the future.

The last years I used a Fantom X7 full loaded and it isn’t planned to move for any synth. My other “synth” was a Nord Electro 2 rack. You probably think; Why sell a Nord Electro rack? Well, I think Nord is producing very good products with very high quality samples/sounds and really fun to play with, but, it can only do a small thing very good. Organs: Now a friend of mine is having a motif 7 and I heard some organs in the motif. Not that powerful as the Nord but after some editing it is good enough for me to use in my band.

I switched the rotary simulator on with a control pedal UE5 from Roland I believe. The problem is that I can not get this pedal starting the rotary in the Motif. The roland has a stupid joystick and no mod. wheel. I assigned switch 1 to the joystick on the Fantom x and it now has the same function as the joystick/modulation.

Has anyone of you an idea to solve my problem? I can buy a volume pedal but is just want to switch the rotary on/off.

So what I want exactly:
control the rotary on the motif rack with a control pedal inserted in my Roland Fantom x7.

Thanks for reading and answering ;-)

Greets Foppe

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