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Viewing topic "Problem, erratic arp speed with footpedal"

Posted on: February 29, 2012 @ 09:07 AM
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I’m controlling my Motif Rack ES with Ableton, and a USB foot pedal (through Ableton) that is sending modwheel controller messasges to all channels.

When I sweep the pedal, the tempo of any arp playing in the ES (performance or voice) changes from very fast to slow to fast. Obviously unacceptable. If I change time synch in the ES to “internal”, the problem stops.  But of course then my arps aren’t synched to song tempo. 

I went in to the utility and arp sections and zeroed out all the control settings, except MW > filter cutoff (which works).  Arp hold and switches are all OFF. 

Any suggestions for what the problem is, and what to try next? 

I admit that controller settings have always stumped me.  They seem to be designed to be as confusing as possible.  I’ve owned this ES for about four years, and studied the manual extensively, which is full of cryptic sentences that don’t help at all.  Every time I change out an external controller, I try to get the ES to cooperate, and mess with the settings.  Sometimes I get it to do what i want, but it’s usually dumb luck.  So my problem with the arp now is likely the result of some setting I changed but then lost track of.

Is there a way to reset all utility settings to factory, without messing up all my patch organization?

Anybody else have the same trouble taming this beast, and is the XS any improvement in this regard?


Macbook Pro i7, Ablteon Live, Motif Rack ES, U-He Zebra and Diva, Roland 300sx, outboard toys and effects.

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Posted on: March 01, 2012 @ 05:09 AM
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a USB foot pedal (through Ableton) that is sending modwheel controller messasges to all channels.

I would eliminate this pedal from the planet earth - I cannot imagine a pedal sending controller messages on “all Channels” - nor can I think of ANY good reason to do this. I’d love to read about this pedal - do you have any information on it?

Too much controller data on the line can cause issues.
Clock information incorrectly routed can cause all manner of chaos.

Perhaps you are doing something very wrong (particularly since you say Controllers settings have always stumped you - I’m going to go with: This has something to do with your problems

Perhaps you can tell us what you want to accomplish and we can suggest another way of getting there.

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