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Viewing topic "How to erase/delete first 4 measures of a pattern?"

Posted on: August 18, 2011 @ 04:51 AM
Michiel D
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Hi there, I’ve got a question about working in the pattern mode.
I have a pattern that contains say 20 measures. I want to cut of/ delete the first 4 (or 10) measures. Is there an easy way to do this? (in the manual I find instructions for dividing in 2 sections, but the section after the split point could be erased, which is not what I want). Thanks for help/ advise!!


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Posted on: August 18, 2011 @ 06:43 AM
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The JOB you found would allow you to SPLIT an individual Phrase and move or discard the excess, I assume you want to do this to the entire SECTION (a number of Phrases)

you could use this (but it is the longest way):
Split Phrase at measure 005 and send each to new Phrase (not to “OFF") but target a new phrase. You will wind up with a new phrase for each, a 16 measure Phrase that you will keep, and a 4 measure that you can erase. This would be the long way and the most difficult way to do this - so we recommend a different method:

The way that I would recommend will allow you to do this to multiple Tracks at once and will leave you with no extra data to erase in your PATTERN: (Basically you will be re-writing the phrase data: We will move the entire SECTION (All tracks at once) to a blank SONG. We then will send back to the PATTERN just the data you want: Here’s how:

Call up the PATTERN SECTION in question. You don’t say but for this example I’ll just use SECTION [A]
Press [F6] CHAIN
Press [EDIT]
Here you will see a list of Measure on the left, the Time Signature and then a place for SECTIONS
Use the Data Wheel or the SECTION [A} button to insert Section A at Measure 001
Press [F3] SONG

Convert the CHAIN to an empty SONG location starting at measure 001, leave the box “without Program Change” checked.

This will take all of the phrases in SECTION A and write them out linearly into this blank SONG location. You do not need Program Changes inserted (the mix will be preserved automatically by the Motif ES).

Go to SONG mode, and call up the targeted SONG - your 20 measure SECTION is now written to this SONG location.

Press [JOB]
Select the JOB called: SPLIT SONG TO PATTERN > press [ENTER]
Setup the dialog box that appears so that you are sending measures 005-020 to your PATTERN XX and to SECTION [A]

This will take the 16 measures that you want to keep and write them back to your PATTERN - it also removes all the 20 measure data you originally created in the PATTERN and replaces it with the newly shortened 16 measures Phrases.

That’s it. Return to your PATTERN and verify your work.
Press [F4] PATCH
You should now see 16 measure phrases on all the (active) tracks.

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