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Viewing topic "Loading a song"

Posted on: February 08, 2011 @ 08:16 AM
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Hi, I just got the xf and love it.
I am in song mode with a different voice on each of the 16 tracks and then go to save, and i save “type all” etc. That all appears to work perfectly.
If i then turn off the xf or listen to one of the demo songs etc, then try to load back up my song it dosent seem to do anything. I am in song mode i go file, find the file i saved in the directory and click load then yes. It takes a time to load up, then if i press “song” or “exit” after that to get out of that directory screen, it just takes me back to whatever demo song was on. What am i doing wrong? Would be very grateful for any help.

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Posted on: February 08, 2011 @ 12:05 PM
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A Song (you can have 64 side by side in memory) is best saved
I fear that you saved an ALLfile, which serves as a backup-file.

But I think you can load a single Song out of that file.
Just load Song, not ALL.


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Posted on: February 09, 2011 @ 12:09 AM
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An ALL data file will SAVE the STORED data. If you have not STORED the Sequence and Mix, it will not be registered in the Motif XF’s FLASH ROM and therefore will not be SAVED when you attempt to create a file. You must always STORE your MIXING setup before you SAVE to a file. 

Setup your SONG MIXING program
We highly recommend that you NAME the SONG something to identify it so that you want to load the individual setup its name will appear in the list.

You can NAME a SONG as follows:
Press [SONG] to view the main SONG screen
Move the cursor to the RIGHT [>] to the 20 character space to the right of the SONG’s number
Press [SF6] CHAR to view the INPUT CHARACTER screen
Name the SONG
Press [ENTER] to set the name
Press [STORE] to store the sequence and mix to the SONG location

Now that you have named, and stored the data, you should be able to SAVE it successfully.

Since you are storing it in an ALL data file you will be able to load it back using either File TYPE = ALL (naturally) or File TYPE = SONG or ALL SONG.

If you select File TYPE = SONG you can opt to ‘open’ the ALL data file and view a list of SONG setups within that file and load any individual SONG to any location of your choice.

Let us know. (sorry we cannot verify the above as we are miles away from a XF… but the above should work.

Alternatively, if you are simply storing 16 VOICE setups, the Motif XF provides 32 user MIXING TEMPLATES for this purpose, these remain in memory as part of your ‘SYSTEM’ settings.

Press [MIXING]
Press [JOB]
Select a TEMPLATE location 1-32 - rename it by highlighting the name and enter your own name (the current 32 Templates are simply “placeholders” - please overwrite them as you require
Press [SF5] PUT
To “put” or place the current MIXING setup into one of 32 TEMPLATE locations.

TEMPLATES will remain in memory between power cycles and can be recalled as follows:
Press [MIXING]
Press [JOB]
Highlight the TEMPLATE you wish to recall
Press [SF4] GET
To “get” or retrieve the TEMPLATE and restore it to the current MIXING setup.

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