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Viewing topic "Is it possible to play XF arpeggiated performances from CP1 via MIDI?"

Posted on: August 15, 2010 @ 06:49 PM
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I am basically a pianist and primarily use the XS8 (soon to be the XF8) for live playing, especially in performance mode. I also enjoy creating songs from Performance Record. However, I am limited in what I can improvise when a piano part in a performance has an active arpeggio in that I cannot play any additional notes using the piano voice other than what the arp is playing.  This limits my ability to improvise/jam. 

I recognize that I can deactivate the arpeggio in the piano part/voice, but I like what that arpeggio is doing.  I also recognize that I can trade off one of the other parts for an additional piano voice and play that voice across the entire keyboard, but I do not want to eliminate any pre-programmed parts. An example of what I am describing can be found in one of my favorite performances, “Hot Sauce” which is U1, C8 on my keyboard.

So I was wondering, if I connect via MIDI cable a CP1 to the XF, set the XF to performance mode and select a performance with active arpeggios, assuming both keyboards are on the same send/receive channel, if I play the CP1 will the XF performance with its active arpeggios respond just the same as if I was playing the XF’s keyboard itself? If so, I can jam a full 88 note piano voice (from the CP1) over the performance without altering the set performance and in essence add a fifth part to the performance.

Sorry, but I only have one keyboard so I cannot run the experiment myself to test this out.
I would appreciate knowing if this is possible before investing in the additional keyboard.

Thanks in advance.

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Posted on: August 17, 2010 @ 01:57 PM
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We can forget now for a while external MIDI keyboards ( CP1 ,CP5 etc)and work with the Motif XS8 alone ( I think XF8 will do the same that I propose you). .

Possible “partial” solutions :

A) Go to Performance called “Hot-Sauce” (that you told and like; me too!)

1. Press EDIT button.

2. Select Rock Grand Piano voice (you can see is the third part voice of the performance ) pressing button number 3 ( from the 16 black buttons pannel)

3. Afterthat press F2 (ARP Main) (button below screen)

4. In the top right aprox. of the screen you´ll see “key mode” function: then turn on the right the data-wheel and select “sort+direct” option or “thru+direct” option. In the manual is explained how they work.You can also test the other options with data wheel for see the difference . The result is that you can shoot the arpeggio piano chord,semi-chord,harmony ( it depends how you put your left hand fingers) and at the same time will sound the piano sound without arpeggio ( as a “5” part of performance :same piano but “unarpeggiated").

But… What happens selecting those arpeggio options?
If you play with the left hand aditional notes of the piano (with"sort+direct" or “thru+direct” arpeggio options), it will affect at the same time to the piano arpeggio harmony, I mean, playing with that option, additional piano not-arpeggiated notes will shoot the piano harmony arpeggios vinculated to that notes. Playing the “two” same sound piano/s ( arpeggiated and not at the same time) you will change in real time the left hand harmony each time you play the piano with that hand.

The solution?  Remember you are in the screen that I told you before: “ARP Main”. You can see the “virtual” keyboard on the screen and moving data-wheel you can select in “Note Limit” range keyboard function what part of the keyboard you want that works the arpeggio. You can test it until you reach a part that allows you to shoot the piano-arpeggio ( perhaps with little finger or 2 fingers of the left hand) and at the same time to play (with the rest of the left hand fingers or inmediately after )the not-arpeggiated piano sound that you needed for aditional notes. Of course I don´t know how do you play .You are the boss for experimentize ...


1.Go to Performance mode “Hot Sauce”
2. Press RECORD ( red point) button;red light gets on.
3. Select with data-wheel on “sequencer mode” option: SONG
Select with data wheel on “number” option: the number of a song that is empty.
4. Press PLAY button (remember that rec mode remains activated) and allow to record some bars. It doesn´t matter if you play notes or not.After recording some bars press STOP. On the screen will appear the Hot Sauce Performance. Good.
5. Go to SONG mode ( the XS remembers in what number of song has been done the inmediate previous recording of the Performance Mode). You´ll see 4 recorded tracks ( each one with each part of the Performance ).
6. Select track 5 of that “song” and select and put the same repeated piano sound (rock grand piano) that it appears on track 3. Then you will have in track 3 and in track 5 the same piano sound but they will have different behaviour following the next steps:
7. Press MIXING button and afterthat EDIT button.
8. Press F1 (one of the black buttons below the screen) to ensure that you are in “VOICE” function of the screen. In the top of the screen you´ll see the function called “Receive Channel”. Moving data-wheel select the channel “1”. You are in track 5. Repeat this operation selecting track 4 and select “receive channel” “1” with data wheel.And the same with track 3,2 and 1. Then all of the “Receive Channels” function from the 5 tracks will be in “1”.
9. Afterthat select track 1 and play it: it will sound the performance plus at the same time the repeated piano sound (without arpeggio) from track 5.
10. If you want to hold the sound performance arpeggios`press F2 (black button) “ARP Main” function and moving data wheel from “hold” function that is “off” into “on”.You must do this “hold arpeggio” function in tracks 1,2 and 3 ( the arpeggiated tracks)
11. Another time you can experimentize with range “note limit” function ( of the voice ,with F1 button or of the arpeggio with F2) using the data wheel for see what range of keyboard you want the piano/arpeggio sounds or not.

In audition terms this partial solution is similar to the A) solution but here you can add more instruments ( until 16: 16 tracks) all in the same internal midi channel for creating super multi layered performances (with the limit of the 4 arpeggios at the same time) and experimenting with limit note range of each of the 16 sounds and of the 4 arpeggios for creating very interesting performance -ambiences in the same style for example than a virtual VST computer instrument called “Morphestra” ( see Youtube videos of Morphestra: you can do similar multilayered ambience and arpeggiated performances)

The same as SONG mode option.
but in the step 3. Select with data-wheel on “sequencer mode” option: PATTERN

I don´t know if this can help you. Or you need other solutions ...or perhaps you are asking about a specific function that plays and holds-on the arpeggio only when you play for example with left hand a minimum of 2 or more notes at the same time and arpeggio goes “off”
( but remaining hold the last shot arpeggio) when you play separated single notes…
José Luis

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Posted on: August 17, 2010 @ 05:02 PM
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Joined  07-03-2007
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Thank you very much Jose for taking the time to write your very comprehensive explanation.  I understand your instructions and both solutions actually accomplish what I am trying to achieve.  I must say that I never would have figured out your “A” solution and I look forward to trying both out.

It is very appreciated that you would take so much time to help out a stranger. Thanks.

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