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Viewing topic "suggestion please?"

Posted on: August 12, 2010 @ 08:58 PM
Total Posts:  44
Joined  03-29-2009
status: Regular

> hello guys, sorry for the of topic post, but I am not sure
> where else I can
> ask, and i believe you guys are the most knolejable.
> i need suggestion for
> the following situation.  first of all, i have own a
> motif xs 7, and i am
> happy with it.  how ever, most of the time, i am using
> sonar to do my
> sequencing and generate the sounds from my motif xs.
> at this moment, i
> don’t think i am going to get the motif xf just yet, but i
> am looking at
> something that can provide me 88 keys, and also a better
> piano sounding
> keyboard.  at this moment i am interested with the
> Yamaha cvp 509 that has
> the 88 keys, a better sampled piano sound, plus those new
> updated super
> articulation 2 voices from yamaha.  i should think
> that tyros 3 also will
> have the same thing, though i am not sure i will like the
> keys action.  do
> you guys have other suggestion for me so that i will have
> the new yamaha
> patch that motif don’t have but cheaper in price?  i
> think we are talkin
> about5 k u s
> d here.  thanks for reading and thanks in advance for
> any comment.
> Chee Chau.

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